CloudVane Basic

1-day training that will teach you how to build continuously optimized cloud environment using CloudVane.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Introduction into FinOps and Cloud Cost Management

  • Setting up your CloudVane account

  • Administration and Security

  • How to get insights into your cloud cost data

  • Optimize your environment to best suit your needs and invest into innovation

  • Best way to automate your day to day tasks

  • Acting on recommendations for better cloud operation

Meeting CloudVane

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Training Summary


CloudVane enables you to, quickly and with ease, implement FinOps best practices which provide a new operating model for the cloud.

Learn how to keep your cloud efficient by balancing cost, speed and quality. Keep reinvesting in innovation, and all of this with the help of CloudVane.

CloudVane Basics covers FinOps fundamentals with an overview of key concepts of the FinOps lifecycle, all of which have been implemented into CloudVane: Inform, Optimize, Operate.

  • Participants should have some familiarity on how cloud computing works
  • Participants should know the key services on your cloud providers, including their common use cases, and have a basic understanding of billing and pricing models


Who will benefit from CloudVane basic training?
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Development
  • Management
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