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CloudVane Team

Davorin Capan

Davorin Capan


With more than 25 years of experience and over 19 years of leadership, Davorin is leading the digital journey to MultiCloud. Focused on Cloud, Automation and Unit economics, he became a FinOps Certified Practitioner in the first half of 2020.

As CloudVane founder, he promotes running culture and hopes to finish IronMan (not the movie).

Mario Mrljić

Chief Data Officer

For the last two decades, Mario has been trying to remake every company as a data-driven organisation. Data lets him improve existing products and services and identify new business opportunities. He loves to make decisions improving tools from data science projects. All about data warehousing, business intelligence and the like, our Mario.

When he does not distil data, he rides cycles from fixies to hogs and is not half bad with a football.

Duško Vukmanović


With a background in designing and managing complex cloud services, Dusko's expertise spans areas such as application development, integration, and cloud-native technologies. Alongside his professional achievements, Dusko is a passionate sports enthusiast, particularly dedicated to football as a fervent supporter of Rudeš and enjoys activities like tennis and skiing in his leisure time.

Davor Stanic

Davor Stanić

VP Engineering

When you integrate enterprise applications and systems for telco, government and financial, you must be Davor Stanic. His specialities are Java / JEE technologies, software design and architecture, product development, and smooth business operations. Davor is responsible for our growth in the application development segment.

Rides a BMW 1000XR.

Emina Elezovic

Emina Elezović


Emina is always there for you. If you are doing an internship or moving up the food chain, she is the one you go to for advice. She is a master of people and projects. She cut her teeth in telco and financial companies before joining the company.

Amazingly limber, due to loads of Pilates. Avid mountaineer.

Tomislav Kralj

Tomislav Kralj

Infrastructure & Security Director

After two decades in the enterprise level IT, Kralj rules his field. As department manager Of Cloud/System, he enjoys Clouds, private and public, Database and system administration, and of course Linux.

Ask him to take you fishing someday.

Dean Misic

Dean Mišić


Dean is CloudVane's Product Manager with ten years of experience in IT. If you need the perfect guy to successfully convert technical requirements of cloud projects into the architecture and design that will guide the final product, Dean is the go-to guy.

Tajana Belina

Tajana Belina


Tajana is responsible for all activities regarding Marketing, PR and Communications. She spent most of her career in the IT industry, although her experience spans over retail, telecommunication and media publishing.

Someone once said she could sing out of the phone book and still sound marvellous. Was a semifinalist on the Voice of Croatia.

Irena Jurica

Irena Jurica


CloudVane team

CloudVane Team

While the majority of CloudVane team consists of unwavering developers working on the code, the direction is provided by managers and data integration processes are handled by data science consultants.

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