Transforming your data into information that drives your business value.

Make your data a major asset that drives your business

Data is a great asset that drives business, but only if you gain valuable insights from that data. We can help transform your data into information that drives business value using Data & Database Migration, Data & Database Management, Data Analytics and Data Integration Framework.

Why choose us?


We support your cultural shift towards the cloud by education your employees to manage your entire cloud environment. We offer a wide range of workshops for executives, stakeholders and team members, including Cloud Best practices, Business, Readiness and Strategy workshops.


With years of experience and numerous successful cloud migrations, we have developed a full-proof methodology that facilitates a seamless transition of all your processes into the cloud environment.


How to determine which technology to use? We probe the capabilities of you people, processes and culture you are trying to implement which will result in a direction to best suit your organization.

Data Integration Framework

Shorten your time to market and cut the cost of any data warehouse or data integration project using the Framework that applies design & development standards, reusable modules and software components.

Data Integration Framework enables you to have design & development standards at your disposal. Using reusable modules and software components ensures high quality and faster time-to-market for any data warehouse or data integration project by leveraging industry leading ETL/ELT tools and data storage platforms.

  • Standardisation
    • Using NEOS DI Framework negates non-existing development and documentation standards through the use of documentation and development standards.
  • Efficiency and Reusability
    • Eliminates inconsistent approach to common tasks and single usage of developed components through ETL process templates and generic modules, as well as industry specific data models & reusable algorithms. Tightly integrated with different ETL Tools (OWB, ODI, Informatica, etc.).
  • Best Practices
    • Removes high implementation cost and risk by using proven principles and modules and based. The Framework is based on hands-on experience and tested on a number of projects.
  • Easy Maintenance
    • By completely eliminating the need for different consoles, logs and monitoring tools, the framework enables easy monitoring and administration through a single console.

Data & Database Migration

Consolidate your data in one place and make it accessible to users and applications.

With the help of our data consultant, you can modernise your data and consolidate silos to discover new insights and encourage agile innovation

  • A centralised team drives FinOps
  • Support Modern Analytics
  • Consolidate your Data with Modern Architecture
  • Handle any scale
  • Adopt Continuous Management

Data & Database Management

On top of our classic service for cloud management, we will optimise your data and database management to increase your business agility.

  • Database architecture
  • Managed database administration
  • Data security
  • Support for on-premises, hybrid cloud and public cloud

Data Analytics

By transferring our on-prem expertise to cloud, we can bring our best foot forward and enable you to get better and faster results from your data.

  • Data Integration
  • Modern analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Cloud Native Data Lakes

Your data speaks volumes

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