Learn how to optimise and manage your Cloud environment using world-renowned best practices.

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Learn how to manage and optimise your Cloud environment using best practices proven by global pioneers in cloud financial management, backed up by our experience and Cloud Cost Management tool.

Get familiar with Cloud Management, FinOps Methodology and our SaaS tool for Multicloud cost management and automation - CloudVane.

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We support your cultural shift towards the cloud by education your employees to manage your entire cloud environment. We offer a wide range of workshops for executives, stakeholders and team members, including Cloud Best practices, Business, Readiness and Strategy workshops.


With years of experience and numerous successful cloud migrations, we have developed a full-proof methodology that facilitates a seamless transition of all your processes into the cloud environment.


How to determine which technology to use? We probe the capabilities of you people, processes and culture you are trying to implement which will result in a direction to best suit your organization.


What does a good guide do? Helps you start your journey, moves you along if you get stuck in the middle. That is what we will do for you.

We will modernise and transform your on-premises environments into an easy to manage and scalable cloud, multicloud or hybrid environment. Whichever option you choose, we will make sure it suits your every need.

CloudStart ensures high efficiency and is a proven methodology that enables you to transition your infrastructure into cloud in a short time.

CloudVane is rooted in FinOps, emerging practice area that brings financial accountability to the variable model spend of the cloud and helps enterprises master the unit economics of cloud.


FinOps lifecycle consist of these three stages:


  • Inform
    • Transparency, Anomaly Detection, Charge/Showback, Budget & Forecast, Container Allocations
  • Optimise
    • Reserved Instances, Rightsizing, Automation, Workload Placement
  • Operate
    • Culture, Unit Economics, Speed of Delivery, Value to the business

FinOps implementation

It is the practice of bringing financial accountability to the variable spend model of cloud, enabling distributed teams to make business trade-offs between speed, cost, and quality.

The end goal is to define a cross-functional FinOps team that adopts a definitive series of procurement best practices, enabling them to pull together technology, business, and finance in order to optimise cloud vendor management, rate and discounting.

  • A centralised team drives FinOps
  • Teams need to collaborate
  • Everyone takes ownership for their Cloud usage
  • Reports should be accessible and timely
  • Decisions are driven by business value of Cloud
  • Take advantage of the variable cost model of Cloud

Cloud Management

Our Cloud native approach to cloud management will empower you to focus on development of your services.

Using a set of tools and best practices helps us control your IT spend and optimise your environments, improve security & compliance. This, in the end, ensures your business continuity and protection of crucial business data.


Here’s what we’ll do for you:
  • Cloud Optimisation
  • Cloud Security
  • Network

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