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No matter if you want to move your on-prem to Cloud, digitally transform your business or fast-track on cloud native development, we will guide you as you gain maximal value from Cloud in the shortest time possible.


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Cloud Facilitates your digital transformation journey

The winners of tomorrow are the ones that are in Cloud today.
Let us guide you on your Cloud journey!


Focus on your business. Cloud services are available from virtually any location with internet access, allowing businesses to maximize their flexibility.


Using agile processes will speed up your work processes and increase your standards of quality. You will leave the competition far behind.


In Cloud, your costs will be lower, since cloud deployments don’t require any physical infrastructure on site.


Work smarter, not harder. Our automation processes allow customers to do more with fewer resources.


Instead of focusing on maintaining an on-premises environment for your servers, you can now focus on further developing your products and services.


Cloud-based platforms ensure constant monitoring and regular updates, thus reducing risks and security breaches to an absolute minimum. All data is stored securely in the cloud, allowing you access from any location regardless of the condition of your infrastructure.

CloudStart Methodology

Our proprietary methodology that takes a holistic view of all aspects involved in meeting business and technical goals of an organisation or enterprise. Enables you to accelerate time-to-value of Cloud and see improved results in no time at all.

Introduce & Customise

The first step is to identify all company processes, systems, hardware, software and production lines that are mission critical to your industry. You decide what has to be upgraded, moved or replaced. We design the new environment and teach you how to manage it.

Build & Integrate

We plug you into the cloud. Bandwidth and connectivity are load tested again and again. Once the connection is up to our strict standards, we integrate it all – app by app, system by system. It works 24/7. Once it works perfectly, we tweak it a bit more.

Migrate & Optimise

All your systems and processes are upgraded to the cloud. Regular backups and simple restore procedures are set up. Response times have been optimised, as well analytics and data gathering. Historical data, performance trends and recommendations based on your current usage are all in your hands, enabling you to see beyond the data and make decisions grounded in reality.

Manage & Monitor

Once everything is set, tried and tested, all that remains is future management, updates and monitoring. Anyway, what good is all this new tech without great customer support? We’ll keep an eye on your systems for six months. That’s what partners are for.



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Neos provided the complete training and guidance during our cloud transformation. The transition of our on-prem solution into a Cloud SaaS product was accomplished with ease and within the set time frame, something that would not have been possible if we had embarked on this journey by ourselves.



Zubak Group


Neos team has established a completely environment for cloud-native development, including DevOps pipeline automation. This has enabled our joint teams to produce the best results in agile project execution – development, testing, and deployment of defined functionalities. Through this journey, we have embraced the cloud-native approach and established a modern and flexible platform for providing business support using our current and future solutions.

Estera Ivanišević

Director of Research and Development

Hrvatska kovnica novca (Croatian Mint)

The team expertly guided us when we needed to decide should we go to cloud and how to do it while honouring our numerous security and compatibility issues and concerns. Now we have lower infrastructure costs, greater work flexibility and quicker deployment.

Željko Gradski

General Manager

01 | 05


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