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CloudNative helps you implement the benefits of cloud-native application development using rapid app deployment, complete with built-in best practices.

Our cloud experts team guides you during the adoption and on-boarding of cloud-native services so you can start benefiting from cloud’s scaling, high availability and savings in no time.

Take your pick among Universal DevOps, Kubernetes Enablement, SaaS Transformation and Cloud Solutions.

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We support your cultural shift towards the cloud by education your employees to manage your entire cloud environment. We offer a wide range of workshops for executives, stakeholders and team members, including Cloud Best practices, Business, Readiness and Strategy workshops.


With years of experience and numerous successful cloud migrations, we have developed a full-proof methodology that facilitates a seamless transition of all your processes into the cloud environment.


How to determine which technology to use? We probe the capabilities of you people, processes and culture you are trying to implement which will result in a direction to best suit your organization.

Universal DevOps

DevOps increases your ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity. This speed enables you to better serve your customers and compete more effectively in the market.

Adjust for contemporary fast-paced market. Streamline your development through new technologies. Fully utilise available benefits.

Adopting DevOps enables you to introduce rapid feedback, identify and fix defective code with low effort. It will start at your level of experience and generate value by enabling you to quickly adapt to cloud native through:

  • Usage of containers and microservices
  • Breaking down applications to individual functions
  • Rapid operations insight
  • Leveraging the gap between DevOps and monolith application delivery
  • Business Analytics – implementation of an agile development process in modern analytical reporting

Data & Database Management

Why should orchestrating containers be complicated?

Talk to our consultants who will use their relevant expertise to move your business into an end-to-end solution using a secure CI/CD pipeline with zero-downtime for your deployments. Focus your work on application development instead of infrastructure.

  • Fast deployment
  • Fully managed
  • Secure environment
  • With Logging and Monitoring implemented

SaaS Transformation

SaaS deployment model on public cloud providers is a right way to go for any ISV.
We are here to enable successful transformation into a SaaS offering which will deliver more value to your customer’s while you accelerate development and innovation.

  • Fast deployment
  • Multi-cloud know how
  • Secure
  • Logging and monitoring implemented

Cloud Solutions - Profitability Insight

Drill into every customer, organisation unit, product, channel, account or even contract level profitability through unified P&L including direct, indirect, allocated and fund transfer pricing items.

  • Identify how to increase your profitability
    • Have a unified view on enterprise wide P&L distribution on different levels. Use this information to enrich existing and introduce new KPIs.
  • Make existing processes profitability aware
    • Use profitability information to enrich and optimise different processes like IR negotiation and customer management.
  • Ensure profitability transparency
    • Provide transparent profitability view to all specific org. units and processes. Publish profitability information through different channels like CRM, Front desk and similar applications.

Cloud Solutions - Procurement Insight

Keep your spend under control. Procurement Insight offers a focused, visual and business friendly procurement analytics based on a blend of procurement industry standards and best practices with powerful, machine learning assisted advanced analytics.

  • Intelligent data loading & matching
    • Supervised machine learning algorithms for data cleansing, standardization and multilanguage unification.
  • Anomalies detection and alerting
    • Advanced analytics algorithms for identification of specific significant variations in purchasing strategy.
  • Interactive dashboards
    • Best-practice based reports, KPIs and alerts on predefined dashboards also enabling self-service analysis and data blending actions.
  • Interactive dashboards
    • Best-practice based reports, KPIs and alerts on predefined dashboards also enabling self-service analysis and data blending actions.
  • Cloud-based solution
    • The flexible platform significantly reduces time and cost of system installation, setup, and TCO.

Cloud Solutions-Revenue Control Management System

Control POS devices down to individual stores. Record and control individual Business to Client (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) transactions at corporate or government levels.

Subscription-based cloud deployment for companies. Cloud or on-premises installation for government institutions

  • Tax Authority portal
  • Taxpayer self-care portal
  • Fiscalization module servicing cash and cashless B2C, B2B and B2G transactions
  • Invoice verification mobile app
  • Taxpayer register
  • Sales & Purchase bookkeeping
  • Tax Inspection/Audit
  • Audit mobile app for inspectors
  • Risk Management System
  • E-Invoice System
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Integration API

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