Data Security


CloudVane relies on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Next-Generation Enterprise Cloud to keep users company data safe and secure every day. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides high-performance, secure and highly available services that scale elastically.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s security approach is based on seven core pillars. Each pillar has multiple solutions designed to maximize the security and compliance of the platform.

• Customer isolation
• Data encryption
• Security controls
• Visibility
• Secure hybrid cloud
• High availability
• Verifiably secure infrastructure

Server Security

CloudVane runs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. All CloudVane machines limit access to the least number of people necessary to keep them up and running. Deploys are automated to all machines using Kubernetes, and all machines with access to CloudVane data have a high security access in place to prevent unauthorized access to customer data.


All data exchanged with CloudVane is done via the HTTPS protocol.

Data Storage

CloudVane data is stored on OCI in Oracle Autonomous Database. World’s first autonomous database eliminates complexity, human error, and manual management, helping to ensure higher reliability, security. All data is automatically secured with strong encryption, turned on by default. Access is monitored and controlled, protecting from external attacks and unauthorized internal access.

Employee Access

No CloudVane employee will ever see your customer data unless required to do so for support reasons. If you reach out with a support issue which requires us to access your customer data, we will request and wait for your written permission before doing so. We have an audit trail of customer data access to prevent misuse. We would only access your customer data without your permission in the event of a rare, emergency service incident that is causing system-level outage.

Maintaining Security

All passwords are filtered from all our logs and are encrypted in the database. Login information is always sent over SSL.

Customer Separation

To ensure another layer of security, additionally to classical database security data separation on database level is implemented.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at support@cloudvane.com.