A Winning Synergy

Cloudvane Technology Meets Your Expertise

Are you a great closer? Or an expert in Cloud? We are excited to work with you.

Our partnership models ensure a winning synergy for everyone - you as a partner, us as a technology provider, and just as importantly, the customers we will help - together.

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Our Partners

CloudVane represents a shift in mentality. A brand new approach to using Multicloud for the enhancement of your business operations based on FinOps principles. We’re here to support you every step of the way.


Leading global provider of end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions.

Accord Business Group

Provides next-generation IT products, Technology Advisor & Implementer as ICT System Integrator on behalf of clients across verticals.

Redress Compliance

Independent Oracle licensing experts helping companies with Oracle licensing and cloud licensing challenges.


CloudEnomics™ provide organisations with independent advice on moving to the public cloud whilst continuously controlling the associated costs.


Sorint.lab transforms ideas into results and guides companies through a digital innovation path that responds to business needs.

Verne Tech

Verne Tech design and develop comprehensive, sustainable and efficient solutions and services for clients in the field of telecommunications, energy and new technologies.

What we bring to the table

  • Technology

    • CloudVane platform
    • Dedicated sandbox environment
    • Administrator enablement
    • Continuous support
  • Toolkits

    • Sales and presales enablement
    • Sales toolkits
    • Marketing collateral
    • FinOps methodology enablement
  • Revenue

    • Transparent and attractive financial compensation model
    • Volume discount incentives

Key benefits for partners

  • Expert Help

    Join forces with our team of FinOps experts to implement cloud cost and management best practices, which promote healthy cloud culture, switching the mindset towards efficiency and value of the cloud spend.

  • Training

    Quicker time to market and simplified management are facilitated with our technical onboarding and custom training plans embedded with FinOps principles.

  • Sales Support

    Extensive library of sales and marketing resources focused on accelerating partner growth. Best practices for packaging and selling differentiated cloud managed services to meet your customers’ unique needs.

  • Service Development

    Work with us on the CloudVane roadmap by providing development suggestions, features requirements that will satisfy the needs of your customers and feedback to the application as it is.

You and CloudVane spells success

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Multicloud cost

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methodology and
best practices

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Cloud expertisee and

  • 1

    One pricing model
    CloudVane pricing is based on a small fraction of your consolidated cloud costs. You spend less, you pay less. It’s that simple.

  • 2

    One feature set
    Everyone gets a full set of features and capabilities. Every customer is a premium customer for us, and we want to see you succeed.

  • 3

    Unlimited access
    Unlimited users. Unlimited cloud resources. Unlimited teams. Unlimited cloud applications. We’re not here to make things confusing, we’re here to help you minimize your cloud spend.

Select your partnership level

The type of partnership you choose depends on your profile and the goals you want to accomplish. Read on, select the recommended partnership level and then simply get in touch!

  • cloud solution

    Solution Partner

    You have a local presence, strong sales capabilities and a wide network of customers

    You have experience in deploying cloud-based solutions, but not the capacity to manage the cloud infrastructure

    You want to expand your offering to cloud management

  • consulting partner

    Consulting Partner

    You have a regional presence, strong sales capabilities and a wide network of customers

    You have a well-established cloud management practice, and you manage cloud infrastructure for multiple customers

    You want to automate cloud management procedures and improve the quality of your cloud service

  • technology partner

    Technology Partner

    You have a global presence, strong sales capabilities and a wide network of customers

    You have a globally recognized cloud management practice under your brand

    You have the demand and expertise to expand your cloud management offering, but not the product to fulfill it

    You want to boost your brand cloud services and achieve a quick go-to-market without any R&D investments

Become Cloud Cost Optimisation ambassador.

We'll be thrilled to have you join our mission to promote healthy and smart Cloud usage. Get in touch and join CloudVane family.

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