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Redress Compliance, Neos and CloudVane sign partnership agreement to help companies with Oracle cloud challenges


Redress Compliance Limited (IRL), independent  Oracle licensing expert, signed a partnership agreement with Neos Ltd., leading regional provider of business solutions. The goal of the partnership is to promote smart cloud usage using CloudVane SaaS for multicloud cost management and assist with cloud challenges for Oracle customers. The partnership agreement was signed in the first week of August 2022.


All parties share a deep expertise in Oracle technologies and services and are long-term Oracle partners with deep expertise in Oracle Cloud. This partnership will enable the signees to ensure even higher competitive advantage to their customers while advocating the use of state-of-the-art cloud services in a form of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

According to the Gartner VP Analyst Milind Govekar, there is no business strategy without a cloud strategy.  “Adopting cloud-native platforms means that digital or product teams will use architectural principles and capabilities to take advantage of the inherent capabilities within the cloud environment,” said Govekar. “New workloads deployed in a cloud-native environment will be pervasive, not just popular and anything noncloud will be considered legacy.” (Source: Gartner)

Joined in the common goal to enable their customers to operate with agility across their business functions, Redress Compliance offers independent Oracle licencing and cloud advisory, Neos brings extensive Cloud expertise and CloudVane tops it all up with smart multicloud cost management and automation based on FinOps principles.

“Redress Compliance is market leader in cloud management services. Our partnership with CloudVane adds a strong foundation to our finops services which helps clients to manage, control and continuously optimize their costs” – Morten Andersen, Director Redress Compliance.

“We have been building Oracle expertise for the past 20 years, and CloudVane is built on Oracle technology”, says Davorin Capan, CEO at Neos and CloudVane. “It is a pleasure to start this partnership with equally seasoned Oracle experts. I believe our mutual understanding of cloud challenges will be the basis of a successful and fruitful partnership.”

This partnership between these companies directed at Europe offers a great outlook for companies that use Oracle cloud in their multicloud strategy, promoting cloud usage helps optimize business operation through efficiency, scalability and flexibility.

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