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Neos, CloudVane’s parent company, becomes FinOps Certified Training Provider


March 2023 – Neos is approved as a FinOps Certified Training Provider by the FinOps Foundation. This certification recognizes our commitment to helping organizations optimize their cloud spend and improve financial accountability in cloud.

FinOps is a set of practices that help companies manage their cloud costs and usage effectively. It brings together teams from finance, operations, and technology to optimize cloud usage and costs. Becoming a FinOps certified training provider proves Neos’ expertise in cloud management and its commitment to helping organizations achieve financial efficiency in the cloud.

As a FinOps certified training provider, Neos can now offer training and certification courses in FinOps practices and principles, providing organizations and individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to optimize their cloud usage.

We are excited to become a FinOps certified training provider,” said Dean Misic, Product Manager of Neos’ own FinOps Certified Platform for multicloud cost management, CloudVane. “Our mission is to use FinOps Training to evangelize FinOps with our client base, partners and their clients.”

Neos’ FinOps training courses cover a range of topics, including cloud cost management, optimization strategies, governance, and cloud financial management. The courses are designed for cloud architects, finance professionals, and operations teams who want to learn how to optimize cloud costs and usage.


For more information on Neos’ FinOps training courses, please visit FinOps Training Landing page.




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