12.09.2023. Case study

Getting more out of your Cloud@Customer investment



Discover how our client in the financial industry tackled complex challenges, combined with new government regulations and a switch to the Euro, by harnessing the power of the cloud.

Learn how we delivered a flexible and scalable Oracle Cloud@Customer solution for their Datawarehouse system, addressing data sovereignty, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

On this transformative journey, we advised our long-time client to embrace Cloud Financial Management (FinOps) right from the start.

CloudVane, FinOps certified platform, offered a tailored solution to tackle challenges like managing a complex environment with a lean team, effectively budgeting cloud credits and automate scaling and stopping instances. Through our solution for cloud cost management and automation, our client achieved remarkable outcomes:

  • A 33% reduction in monthly cloud invoices without sacrificing functionality or performance
  • A 50% decrease in DBA management through automation
  • Rapid FinOps implementation without the need for a dedicated FinOps team.

Download our comprehensive case study now to delve into the entire journey, explore all challenges and the benefits of implementing Oracle Cloud@Customer solution with CloudVane.


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