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CloudVane extends Multicloud support to include 4 major hyperscalers

As part of our mission to support the success of multi-cloud enterprises, we are happy to announce that we have expanded CloudVane’s cloud provider support with additional two major hyperscalers. CloudVane users can now use a single console to optimize cloud cost for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud.

Facilitating successful multicloud strategy

Enterprises that choose the multicloud approach benefit from increased business agility and flexibility. They are no longer limited by the offering of a single cloud provider but can cherry-pick from a broader portfolio. Furthermore, multicloud approach makes it is possible to make alternate deployment plans, implement fault tolerance and promote business continuity.

According to Flexera 2022 State of the Cloud Report, 89% of respondents have a multi-cloud strategy, confirming that Multicloud is the de facto standard for all organizations.

Cloud strategy for all organizations

As per the same report, 74% of respondents use cost efficiency as a top metric for assessing progress against Cloud goals and 81% consider managing Cloud spend a top challenge.
Clouds used by cloud usage level

As CloudVane is rooted in FinOps*, it enables every customer to apply the best FinOps practices to all their cloud providers in the simplest way possible.

After being a pioneer in cloud cost management by offering support for Oracle Cloud, CloudVane now joins the select few cloud cost management solutions that cover top 4 cloud providers, and fully supports the multicloud journey of any enterprise.

*FinOps is an emerging practice area that brings financial accountability to the variable model spend of the cloud and helps enterprises master the unit economics of cloud.

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