04.02.2022. News

CloudVane becomes FinOps Certified Platform

February 1st 2022 – FinOps Technical Advisory Council approves CloudVane as a FinOps Certified Platform, thus acknowledging that it offers a broad set of features to help FinOps practitioners solve a wide range of cloud cost management challenges.

This FinOps Foundation certification confirms CloudVane is in a tier of technology providers that deliver a software product which helps FinOps practitioners successfully adopt cloud financial management practices that align with FinOps best practices and standards”, said Vas Markanastasakis, Principal of FinOps Practice Management with the FinOps Foundation.

According to the official FinOps Foundation classification, FinOps Certified Platform providers and can also „address a number of use cases and be rolled out quickly across an organization“.

The FinOps Technical Advisory Council TAC is the technical governing body of the FinOps Foundation which oversees open-source standards, best practices, curriculum and technical vision of the FinOps Foundation. TAC outputs are committed into an open-source ecosystem to become standardized best practices.

By acquiring this certification, CloudVane has now become one of only twelve FinOps Certified Platforms worldwide.

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