See through the Multicloud

Optimize Cost and Manage Infrastructure in Your Multicloud Environment

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See through the Multicloud

Optimize Cost and Manage Infrastructure in Your Multicloud Environment


Cloud Providers

What can you do with CloudVane?

See the complete picture, down to the tiniest detail and workflow process. Automate policies to keep your Multicloud usage optimized and secure. Make all of the costs visible and controllable. Govern, analyse and manage spend, usage and security across your organization.

Business Mapping

Using cloud to promote innovation and achieve a competitive edge is only achieved if you map the Multicloud to your business correctly. Use CloudVane to associate your business architecture and your cloud usage.

Budgets and reports

With near‐real‐time visibility into you Multicloud cost you can accurately define budgets, actions and thresholds that will keep you on top of your spending. Notifications and reports eliminate any and all surprises regarding your cloud environments.


Witness the actual impact of using CloudVane on your monthly bill. Cut down your day‐to‐day tasks in order to maintain the consistency of your Multicloud operations. Continue to improve to increase efficiency and facilitate innovation.



See Clearly

Stay informed about your Multicloud costs and resources in order to make smart decisions. CloudVane’s dashboard brings you a single‑pane‑of‑glass view into cloud reports, budgets, budget thresholds and organization hierarchy.


See clearly CloudVane dashboard
See clearly CloudVane dashboard 2
See clearly dashboard



Spend Wisely

CloudVane does the thinking for you and offers rightsizing recommendations, insights on resource usage, detects anomalies, enables reserved instance planning and show exactly how much you have saved in cloud cost and resources.


CloudVane features overview



Manage Successfully

Operate your Multicloud with continuous improvement using CloudVane’s automation options, prevent overspending using resource actions and action groups, and automate day-to-day tasks using scheduler and notifications.


CloudVane actions - groups meni
CloudVane groups


CloudVane Customer Segments


Use CloudVane as support from early stages. CloudVane endorses unit-based economy and helps start-ups to better understand Cloud cost and impact to their end user service. CloudVane offers a stimulative package as a part of the start-up business model.

  • Small cloud footprint serving important business applications

  • Cloud management capabilities outsourced from specialized providers, with no mid-term plans to build the capabilities

  • Looking for clear understanding and forecasting of Cloud costs to ensure budget compliance


Does your enterprise rely on Cloud? In that case, CloudVane will consolidate your data from multiple Cloud vendors and present it in a single pane of glass.
You will get full visibility of your cost data along with optimisation recommendations.

  • Large cloud footprint, serving both user-facing business applications and solution development infrastructure

  • Strong in-house development and infrastructure management capabilities, including an experienced cloud management team

  • Looking for simplified cloud cost accounting and detailed cost analysis to uncover optimization opportunities

System integrators

If you manage Cloud infrastructure for end customers, use CloudVane to manage an unlimited number of companies and guide them through the FinOps journey. CloudVane’s robust security and usage of Autonomous accommodates delivery of access even for end users.

  • Complex cloud footprint, consisting of many customers and cloud accounts, served by multiple cloud providers

  • Specialized, multi-disciplinary cloud architecture and engineering teams, experienced in cloud solution design, deployment and management

  • Looking for tools that facilitate upscaling cloud management services and enhance showback and chargeback capabilities

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What people say…

CloudVane provided an out-of-the-box solution that allowed us to easily implement FinOps methodology into our business processes, preventing issues such as overbudgeting and mismanagement of cloud resources. The tool's predictive module, mapping features, and automations enabled us to accurately plan and manage our cloud costs while being in full control of our Cloud@Customer environment within days.

Ljiljana Kozomara

Head of Systems and Database Support, Zagrebačka banka

What people say…

Neos team has established a completely environment for cloud-native development, including DevOps pipeline automation. This has enabled our joint teams to produce the best results in agile project execution – development, testing, and deployment of defined functionalities. Through this journey, we have embraced the cloud-native approach and established a modern and flexible platform for providing business support using our current and future solutions.



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What people say…

At Studenac, CloudVane has proven to be a valuable asset. Optimization of cloud resource spend, showback on different projects and systems as well as infrastructure automation are just a couple of ways that CloudVane integrates into our day-to-day processes.



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What people say…

The main focus of our transition to cloud was to drill down to the granular view of every ticket transaction, in other words to achieve the all-coveted unit economics. CloudVane allowed us to identify the precise cost of each transaction, making it easy to complete customer chargebacks.



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