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Cloud Services

Reduce cost, improve scalability and achieve greater overall efficiency using Cloud services.

Cloud facilitates your digital transformation

Reduced cost

Streamlined Performance

Data Security & Control

Scalability & Availability

Simplicity & Mobility

Innovative Agility

Foundations of Cloud Optimization

Transforming people, process and tech towards accelerated delivery of new business and customer value


We support your cultural shift towards the cloud by education your employees to manage your entire cloud environment. We oer a wide range of workshops for executives, stakeholders and team members, including Cloud Best practices, Business, Readiness and Strategy workshops.




With years of experience and numerous successful cloud migrations, we have developed a full-proof methodology that facilitates a seamless transition of all your processes into the cloud environment.




How to determine which technology to use? We probe the capabilities of you people, processes and culture you are trying to implement which will result in a direction to best suit your organization.



CloudStart Methodology

Introduce & Customize

The first step is to identify all company processes, systems, hardware, software and production lines that are mission critical to your industry. You decide what has to be upgraded, moved or replaced. We design the new environment and teach you how to manage it.

Build & Integrate

We plug you into the cloud. Bandwidth and connectivity are load tested again and again. Once the connection is up to our strict standards, we integrate it all - app by app, system by system. It works 24/7. Once it works perfectly, we tweak it a bit more.

Migrate & Optimize

All your systems and processes are upgraded to the cloud. Regular backups and simple restore procedures are set up. Response times have been optimised, as well analytics and data gathering. Historical data, performance trends and recommendations based on your current usage are all in your hands, enabling you to see beyond the data and make decisions grounded in reality.

Manage & Monitor

Once everything is set, tried and tested, all that remains is future management, updates and monitoring. Anyway, what good is all this new tech without great customer support? We’ll keep an eye on your systems for six months. That’s what partners are for.

We’ll get you into the cloud quickly and safely.

Want to see how fast you can be in the cloud?