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19.12.2019. News

Review – CloudVane at Oracle Open World Middle East 2020

As Neos attended the Oracle open World Middle East 2020 in Dubai this January, CloudVane was the primary focus as the product that lets businesses see through the Multicloud.

During the first day of OOW, Neos CEO Davorin Capan and Cloud Architect Dean Misic participated in a half-day Multicloud track, an exclusive event closed for the public. Davorin and Dean presented CloudVane, product based on FinOps principles that enables businesses to save money and improve infrastructure management.

During his Solution Keynote on the second day of Oracle Open World, Davorin talked about Cost management challenges in Mullticloud deployments.  He spoke of the current state of mindset in IT:

“We’re at the stage where using cloud means no investment into hardware but offers a wider set of possibilities and allows more time to focus on core business and innovation. However, cloud cost management has its challenges – user driven consumption, complex billing and continuous optimization. The FinOps methodology addresses these challenges as it brings together finance, IT and business.”

He finished with a presentation of CloudVane:

“As CloudVane’s primary users, Cloud managers can manage optimal cost-benefit ratio, and Financial managers will get a business view on IT data.”

In the meantime, CloudVane team was hard at work at the booth, where the product sparked the most interest with visitors. Many of them applied for CloudVane private beta after a live product demo.

The next opportunity to see CloudVane live in action is coming soon, as we’re getting ready for attending Oracle Open World Europe in London this February. In the meantime, the team is working hard on adding new features, so if you plan to visit OOW Europe as well – see you there!

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