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See through the Multicloud!

Cost Visibility – Resource Management – Increased Efficiency

How well do you manage your cloud(s), from cost to resources and efficiency? Take control of your Multicloud using the best cloud optimization practices and FinOps cloud management principles that CloudVane is built upon.

CloudVane brings all of your cloud data into a single pane of glass. It enables overall visibility of your cost so you can better manage your cloud through recommendations, reports, automatization and other features.

Start managing your Multicloud and make it a valuable asset to your business operations, team projects and future innovations.


See Clearly

Transform a standard usage report with millions of lines of cost data into essential information.

CloudVane’s Dashboards give you cost visibility in your Multicloud environment. Gain options and increase efficiency of your cost overview with default and custom dashboards.

Use out-of-the-box reports or define custom ones through multiple data sources using dimensions and metrics and save them for future use. Create report subscriptions and select report sets.

Budgets and budget alerts will help you to define and track Multicloud cost in a simple way. Define budgets on an organization-level and use alerts to get notifications on actual or forecasted cloud spend.

Thresholds will help you track your consumption so that you stay on budget. Use predefined threshold templates and define actions when a threshold is reached.

Build an organizational structure by using CloudVane’s simple graphic interface and map resources to specific organization groups, teams, projects or even applications for accurate reports. This all is available through CloudVane’s Organization Hierarchy.


Manage Successfully

Automation enables every user to perform single or multiple actions on Multicloud resources directly from the CloudVane console.

CloudVane enables you to act on rightsizing recommendations. Start single change actions or implement scheduled recommendations with a single click.

Use action groups to prevent overspending by stopping environments when a threshold is reached. Quickly start and stop your development environments by grouping resources and assigning predefined, scheduled actions.

Automate your day to day tasks using intuitive scheduler. Scale down or stop development or test resources during periods of underutilization.

Define scheduled notifications that you can receive via email or Slack. Receive scheduled reports and keep up to date with your Multicloud cost. Monitor all changes within your cloud environment with in-app notifications.




The security of your data is very important to us. Learn more on Data security

CloudVane story

Need Breeds Ideas

What happens when you face a need to do something, but have no way of doing it? Do you give up, or do you find a way to make it happen? That is exactly the situation we found ourselves in when we started working with Oracle Cloud technology/services.

It soon became apparent, as we migrated more and more clients into the cloud, that we needed a better way to control cost and manage cloud resources. However, none of the available cloud cost and management providers offered Oracle support.




The Birth of CloudVane

In order to monitor cost on a large number of different accounts, we needed a reliable platform/solution that supported Oracle Cloud (OCI). Finding a solution was not only essential to our own operations but would ensure we continued to provide quality service to our clients.

Thanks to our experience with business application development and DevOps experts in our team, we set before ourselves the task of creating CloudVane.




Strong Foundations Make the Difference

When we came upon FinOps in the very early stages of CloudVane development, we knew that building upon its methodology and best practices would make for a strong and dependable solution.

By implementing FinOps methodology into CloudVane through its features, we enabled every CloudVane user to introduce best FinOps practices into their company or organization in the simplest way possible.




Why is FinOps Important?

FinOps is an operating model for the cloud that brings together technology, business and finance professionals in order to increase the business value of the cloud. According to the FinOps Foundation, it is the most efficient way for teams to accelerate their processes and gain financial and operational control of the cloud.

By designating a team of experts that joined the FinOps community and became certified FinOps practitioners, we continue to regularly follow all cloud cost optimization insights the community offers to its members.




The First Step - Oracle and Azure Support

As previously mentioned, CloudVane started as the solution to our challenge to monitor our Oracle cloud cost and resources. When Oracle partnered with Azure, “…enabling customers to migrate and run mission-critical enterprise workloads across Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud” (Oracle Press Release, Jun 5, 2019), we implemented Azure support into CloudVane.

The final goal is to make CloudVane cloud-agnostic, providing support for all cloud providers and enabling a single pane of glass view throughout the Multicloud.




CloudVane RoadMap

V. 1.0.0


  1. Oracle API integration
  2. Azure API integration
  3. Cost tracking & forecasts
  4. Cloud resource actions
  5. BI-like reporting

V. 1.1.0


  1. Cloud automation & advanced scheduling
  2. Cloud Recommendations – provider based
  3. Anomaly detection
  4. Report subscriptions
  5. Configurable dashboards

V. 1.2.0


  1. GCP API integration
  2. Role-based access control (RBAC)
  3. Cloud Recommendations - CloudVane native
  4. Untagged resource detection/actions
  5. Kubernetes Cost Allocation

Future features


  1. CSP integration
  2. Reserved infrastructure recommendations
  3. Cloud resource pricing comparison


Davorin Capan


With more than 25 years of experience and over 19 years of leadership, Davorin is leading the digital journey to MultiCloud. Focused on Cloud, Automation and Unit economics, he became a FinOps Certified Practitioner in the first half of 2020.
As CloudVane founder, he promotes running culture and hopes to finish IronMan (not the movie).

Davor Stanic


When you integrate enterprise applications and systems for telco, government and financial, you must be Davor Stanic. His specialities are Java / JEE technologies, software design and architecture, product development, and smooth business operations. Davor is responsible for our growth in the application development segment.

Rides a BMW 1000XR.

Emina Elezovic

Development Director

Emina is always there for you. If you are doing an internship or moving up the food chain, she is the one you go to for advice. She is a master of people and projects. She cut her teeth in telco and financial companies before joining the company.
Amazingly limber, due to loads of Pilates. Avid mountaineer.

Tomislav Kralj

Infrastructure & Security Director

Dean Misic

Product Manager

Dean is CloudVane's Product Manager with ten years of experience in IT. If you need the perfect guy to successfully convert technical requirements of cloud projects into the architecture and design that will guide the final product, Dean is the go-to guy.
He is always happy to help anyone in need and share a good laugh.

Tajana Belina

Marketing Manager

Tajana is responsible for all activities regarding Marketing, PR and Communications. She spent most of her career in the IT industry, although her experience spans over retail, telecommunication and media publishing.
Someone once said she could sing out of the phone book and still sound marvellous. She was a semifinalist on the Voice of Croatia.

Irena Jurica

Solution Architect

CloudVane Team

While the majority of CloudVane team consists of unwavering developers working on the code, the direction is provided by managers and data integration processes are handled by data science consultants.

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