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Alconost РApplication Localization Service 

If you need to have quality and affordable translations for your website, then Alconost – Software Localization Service is the best solution for your specific needs. They provide you fast translation services by native speakers, who translate a number of online applications into many different languages. In fact, the company localizes websites and products into approximately 40 different languages and they can transform your websites into powerful online and successful platforms. Moreover, the company creates various videos and audio contents.

Successful & Quality Work

Alconost - Localization

The experienced team of translators in Alconost are very professional and work hard, in order to get your work done within minutes, using a number of innovative online and successful tools. More specifically, the team of translators can do ios localization services business websites, online stores, as well as various landing pages or any other kind of website and can translate sites into various subjects, like finance, cars, manufacturing, commerce and many more. More specifically, they translate games, as well as various computer programs into many different languages. During the process of translation, each product is adapted according to the needs and customs of the target market (like encoding, different currencies and many more).

Powerful Copy Editing

After the translation process, they recreate the text in a certain language of your choice, conveying your tasks in different key words and they also rewrite the whole text by combining various sources, in order to make it look more appealing. In fact, they customize your product as you wish, correct all language mistakes and use the most accurate phrases in order to give you an excellent content. For example, if your project work needs voice overs in a different language or if you wish to localize a video or redraw any of your graphics, the professional staff of Alconost does a great work, in order to deliver you the best possible results.

High Quality Glossary & Language

They develop the most specific terminology words and phrases to accompany your website or videos, in such a way as to ensure the best best results to your followers or potential buyers. The experienced translators of Alconost use various and specific dictionaries, that are accompanied with specific terminologies, as to deliver you the exact content with specific meanings in various languages. For example, for large projects, the well experienced team of the company usually works with the already existing and wide range of glossaries of Alconost. This way they can produce a consistent high quality and eye software application localization services, that can draw attention.

standfore - banking system

Banking System

Standfore – Banking system

The world of finance is one of the most sensitive sectors of the economy as it dictates how money is going to flow and trades. For that reason, banking systems have to be given the utmost priority as this ensures that the users are able to trust in the system.
The Standfore banking system is designed, prototyped, tested and built on the grounds that secure information flows enhances daily business transactions as well as putting confidence into businesses and governments that their monies will be handled with discretion. With a firm firewall securing and filtering the data that goes in or out of the system, you can rest assured that all unauthorized intrusions will be thwarted and your system administrators alerted in the event of any suspicious or fraudulent looking activities.
Security plays a huge role in most modern systems as the threat of attacks is always present and very ominous, going in the form of malware attacks, information theft while in transit, denial of service attacks and so many other varied attacks that could totally cripple a bank thus halting its operations. In case information gets stolen while in transit to the online banking system, there has to be a way of ensuring that this information will be useless when it falls into the wrong hands. Encrypting all the data that is moving using strong digital keys prevents snooping attacks hence ensuring that all communications with the banking system are verifiable and totally secure.
standfore software
The banking platform software also needs to offer services at a fast pace which gives customers the confidence that no matter what time of day or night they log into the system, their account details will be very secure and conducting transactions will be easy, quick and very efficient. Building the system on reliable infrastructure is one of the ways towards ensuring that service delivery is quick and reliable so that the customers and other partners are able to gain trust in the system and do their business operations more often.
In terms of keeping track of all transactions that are being handled by the system, the banking system has got strong databases that encrypt all their content thus making it seem nonsensical to the outsiders while keeping the integrity of the information intact. This way, customers can be assured that all their sensitive information is stored in strong digital vaults that will stand all kinds of attacks. This is what the Standfore banking solutions software has been designed and built for in the modern digital age.